Proposed Cross Bar Beer Garden

Brian McComas, owner of Ryleigh’s Oyster House on Cross St, is seeking approval from the Liquor Board for expansion of another liquor license that is attached to the vacant properties at 12-14 E. Cross St.  He currently owns the adjacent properties at 16-18 Cross St and he is seeking approval to expand the license to include all four properties.  He is proposing a German style beer garden and restaurant called Cross Bar.


Mr. McComas will not be at our April meeting but we will present his plans for the proposed new venture.  We will also discuss the efforts by the surrounding neighborhoods to work jointly to address this proposed expansion.  These neighborhoods include Federal Hill South, Federal Hill, South Baltimore, Sharp-Leadenhall and Otterbein.


After some discussion and questions and answers we will take a vote to decide if FHSNA will support or oppose this expansion.  All paid members of FHSNA are eligible to vote.