Parking Petition Update

Area 19 Petition Approved

Please know that the Parking Authority has finished confirming the signatures on our petition for the Major Change of Hours in Area 19.  We have successfully received sufficient signatures and met the requirements for verification.  As required by code the next steps to complete the Major Change of Hours in RPP Area 19 are:

1.     A Letter must be mailed to the aforementioned stakeholders, all the residents in the RPP area and a two block radius of the existing RPP area notifying of a public meeting. The letter will be sent 21 days in advance of the public meeting. Notice must also be sent to the Mayor and appropriate members of the City.

2.     A Public Meeting is held.

3.     The City Council then has 30 days from the public meeting date to respond on whether or not they oppose the changes.

4.     If after 30 days no opposition is heard from a city council member who represents a whole or part of the RPP district, the Parking Authority Executive Director may adopt and approve the change of hours to existing block faces into an existing RPP area.

5.     The community association administering the program then works with the PABC to get the word out to Residents about upcoming changes.

The process will still take many months but we are moving forward.  Thank you to the many volunteers who worked diligently to collect the necessary signatures and thank you to all of you who showed your support for this effort.