Federal Hill Runners Club

5 Reasons to Join the Federal Hill Runners Club


Have you noticed how it’s easier, and more fun, to run with someone else than by yourself?  Yet finding someone who runs your pace and in the neighborhood can be the great excuses just to sit on the couch.


Well, go find your running gear because thanks to the Federal Hill Runners Club, you’re out of excuses for not to go out for a run.  We meet every Monday at 6:30pm in front of Federal Hill Fitness located at 39 E Cross Street.


Here’s how the club makes getting out the door so easy:


  1. It’s free.  No dues, no nothin’.  Just show up.
  2.  We have a key/phone bag.   Hate running with things that jangle?  We have a key bag and it goes safely behind the desk at Federal Hill Fitness
  3. It’s a great place to meet people. Everyone introduces themselves at the beginning and says their approximate pace.  That way, you can run with someone your speed.
  4. You run as far as you want.  The course is about 4.5 miles but the faster runners add more mileage and the more moderate ones sometimes turn around a little sooner.
  5. Get tips from other runners.  Thinking about running your first 5K? 10K? Marathon? The more experienced runners are happy to offer advice.


Got more questions?  Check out our website at http://federalhillrunners.com