Express your Opinion: Expansion of Cross Bar Beer Garden Liquor License

 The Liquor Board has scheduled a hearing on Thursday, June 27 at 2:00 pm in
room 215 of City Hall to consider the request for expansion of the license
for the proposed Cross Bar Beer Garden on Cross Street. The current dormant
license is held at 12-14 E. Cross Street and the owner (Brian McComas from
Ryleigh's) wants to expand it to include 16-18 E. Cross Street. The
proposed new venue would be a German Beer Garden format with a potential
capacity of 300 to 500 patrons and would have a section with an open air
court yard. The court yard would be enclosed by wrought iron gates facing
Cross Street and would be open overhead.

At our monthly meeting in April the members of FHSNA voted to oppose the
expansion of this license citing the unruly behavior of the bar patrons on
weekends as they leave the bar district at the end of the night and make
their way through the neighborhood. A new, expanded bar would only bring
additional patrons and potentially more undesirable side effects such as
noise, violence, trash, parking and traffic congestion. In a public meeting
with area residents to discuss the expansion the license owner stated that
he did not know what he can do to control the behavior of his patrons and
implied that the parents were at fault for raising their children to behave
this way.

Click here  Federal Hill Liquor License Saturation Letter  
to read a letter from our State Delegates to the Baltimore Liquor
Licensing Commission with recommendations for the BLLC to consider before
they approve any new or expanded licenses in the Cross Street Market
Business District. As they point out in their letter, in 2003 there were 34
establishments in this district with licenses to serve alcohol, excluding
liquor stores. At that time they had a combined capacity of 3,751 patrons.
In 2013, due to expansions of many of these establishments approved by the
BLLC, the total capacity is now 5,025. The State Delegates are responding
to input from many residents that the area cannot handle any more bar

If you agree that before the BLLC approves any new or expanded licenses that
steps must be taken to mitigate the impact of the bar district on the
neighboring residents, then please consider submitting a letter to the BLLC
stating your opinion. Click here Letters to BLLC  for instructions on preparing and
submitting your letter.

Letters must be submitted by Sunday night, 6/23. They will be collected and
reviewed on Monday in preparation for the hearing on Thursday. If you are
interested and available you can also attend the hearing on Thursday at 2:00
pm in room 215 at City Hall.