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FHSNA Garden Club Update

posted May 31, 2014, 11:42 AM by Fina Santa-Maria

Our spring flowers are planted and ready for nurturing. Special thanks to our planting crew this spring: Vigdis Jacobsen, Yolanda Garza, Sarah Humphreys and Larry Mason.  The containers look great. 


Please give your plants a good watering today.  We have left the info cards in the planters, so take a look at the care and feeding of your plants and flowers.  Water them at least once per week, more often in dry, warm weather. 


We have noted the plants in your planter and will keep track of how they do this year.  If for some reason, of course due to no fault of your own, they do poorly during the summer, please drop me a line and I will replace them.  At the end of the summer please send me a message if your plants did well or were a challenge to maintain.  I will note which plants should be repeated next year.


If you know of any stray containers that we missed please let me know and we will plant those too.  Also, if anyone knows who has been taking care of the containers at the NW corner of William and Gittings and the one at the NW corner of Battery and Gittings, please let me know.  I've lost track of their caretakers.  And if you or someone you know wants a container to tend, please let me know.  We are always are looking to expand our modest garden efforts.


Again, thanks for your help in the garden club and enjoy your flowers.  Know that you are doing a small part in making Federal Hill South a more pleasant place to live. 


Enjoy the spring and summer,

Jim Peterson                                         You can email me at