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Community Clean-up - Saturday, September 14th

posted Aug 24, 2013, 9:57 AM by Fina Santa-Maria

Volunteers needed to help with clean ups!


Our first two community clean-ups this year were both great events. The dumpster was filled to the top on both days with a combination of street and yard debris and every form of household junk.


Our next clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, Sept 14th from 9 am-noon.  A dumpster will be delivered that morning at the corner of Battery and Gittings.  Bags, rakes, brooms and shovels will be available starting at 9:00.  Please don’t bring trash to dump until after 10:00 when the dumpster arrives.


We need a few volunteers to help man (or woman) the dumpster and make sure it is packed efficiently.  Our Committee Chair Mary Concannon and her husband Michael, two of our regular volunteers, will be out of town that day.  Certainly there are some other dumpster divers with a desire for a clean neighborhood and a few hours to spare on a Saturday.  It really is fun and you get to meet a lot of neighbors.


To volunteer to help with community clean ups contact Mary Concannon at 


The fourth and final clean-up for 2013 is scheduled for Saturday, Nov.9th.